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C. R Caldwell is based in Dallas, Texas  whose complete body of work isn't limited to one style, and often encompasses multiple genres.

After spending time as Marketing Director for Studebaker's of America, Caldwell expanded his talent
  with opening a successful design studio and marketing to multiple companies ranging from Restaurants to large Accounting firms, such as Texas Instruments, Touche Ross, Desperados Mexican Restaurant,

Chili's Gill & Bar and the Hard Rock Cafe.

The scope of this work included logos, menus, interior-exterior building designs, slide presentations and advertising layouts for billboard / magazine / radio campaigns.   

Services from our company include:

  •  Layouts for:
  •  Residential & Commercial
  •  Interiors-Exteriors
  •  Graphics for:
  •  Logos
  •  Menus
  •  Ad Campaigns

  •  Contemporary
  •  Abstract
  •  Surreal
  •  3D-sculpture / canvas

our services

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